Minimise impact of iOS 14 app changes on your Facebook Ads

24 Mar, 2021  |
Thuha Wright

Minimise the impact iOS 14 changes to your Facebook Ads

A client asked me this week about how I think iOS 14 changes will impact Facebook Ads. 

I replied honestly I don’t know the true impact and won’t know till it happens. We cannot predict how people will choose how their data is shared. And the impact of the  subsequent loss of data.

All I can be sure about is that custom audiences that pixels have been used to build are likely to be smaller and if most of your traffic is from iOS then you could see less data, conversions and traffic.

What I can be sure of is what you can control to minimise the effects. 

Here are my suggestions of what you can control to minimise the impact of 

  1. Verify domain
  2. Prioritise your 8 custom events
  3. Track your data pre- and post-iOS 14 changes; Record your 28 day and 7 day data and compare your Facebook business manager data to Google analytics. Continue to track post-iOS 14 changes and see if you can guess-timate your data later based on past performance.

To read about my views on how iOS 14 changes will impact on Google Ads, read my blog here.


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