How will the iOS 14 changes affect Google Ads?

24 Mar, 2021  |
Thuha Wright

How will the iOS 14 changes impact Google Ads

You may have read how the iOS 14 changes impact Facebook advertisers and you may be wondering how it will impact Google Ads.

Google Ads released recently their own statement. 

Here is a summary of what you should be aware of:

  • Good news, Google Search ads are not affected as much. Only retargeting. However, I'm not too concerned that ROIs will be eroded as you would generally need 10,000's of daily sessions for a supercharged retargeting campaign
  • Most impacted are those running display ads where your conversions come from in-app placements 
  • You can safe-guard your data you can control but double-checking your Google ecosystem is in it's best place i.e. either reach out to your Google Ads specialist or plan time for yourself to review your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google ads conversion and retargeting setup.

I recently joined a Clubhouse conversation (I'm @thuhawright on there) and met Claire Jarrett and she has a good blog on this subject.


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