How to add captions to Facebook Videos

03 May, 2020  |
Thuha Wright

Here are my troubleshooting tips.

So you've got your captions maybe using, you've saved it as an .srt file but you are having problems uploading it?

Sometimes uploading a file can make you want to hit your head against a wall and I've been there when uploading my own captions for my Facebook videos. Here are my top 3 tips to successfully upload your captions for your Facebook video. 

1.  The text file needs to be encoded in UTF-8. To do this, I open a text editor and save the file again under a new name and with the right settings.

2. Make sure the file is saved as an srt file and not srt.txt file which can happen if you are using a text editor. Depending on how your desktop displays your extensions, you may need to check that your settings are set to show extensions.  I usually save two versions of the file, one with the .txt extension in case I need to make any edits, and the second version without the .txt extension to upload to Facebook.

3. Get the naming convention right. The file has to be named in a certain way. It needs to contain the language the captions are in and the country it is based in. It also has to be in the format of:

file name.[two-letter language code]_[two-letter country code).srt So for example, for my file I used: 

Click on this link the Facebook help page, to obtain the 2 letter country code

4. Make sure you have timestamps in your file. Rev gives you the option to update the timestamps yourself or to pay a little bit more for them to add them. I always get them to add them. I did this manually once and really regretted it.

For further information, here is a link to semi-useful guide from Facebook. 

Please comment below as I would love to hear if you had any success after following this and whether you come across any other errors. Good luck!

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