My Quick Start Guide To Using HelloSign

09 Apr, 2020  |
Thuha Wright

What I wish I knew when I first started using HelloSign

Are you like me and always sending out contracts and signing NDA?

Fed up of printing the paper to sign and scanning it back into your computer so you can email it back? Every time I used to do this I wanted to cry over the trees and ink I was wasting. 

This is why I looked into esignature solutions which allow you to send a document and add a signature and date at the end, then a copy is sent and saved for both parties. All very quick once the contract has been read through. 

I trialled PandaDoc as an add-on for Google docs but I just couldn't get on with it. 

I then stumbled across HelloSign. They offer 3 free documents a month. However, if you make any amendments post sending then the amendments count as another document. I signed up for the 30 day free trial and it is through this I've really learnt how to use it. 

So now I will part my knowledge so you can get started without making the trial and error mistakes I made. 

Quick start guide

  1. Know where you've saved your document which needs signatures. You can upload Word documents, PDFs and Google Docs to convert for signing. I tend to save my standard contract in my Google Drive. Make edits relevant to the client.
  2. Choose from 3 different options:
  • Just me
  • Me and others
  • Just Others 

This is where I wish someone told me which options were best to use. So here are my suggestions of when to use each option.

Just me. Use this when clients send you a document to sign such as a contract or NDA. Yay! No more printing, signing, scanning then sending back.

I like the various fields, such as date, free text, initials, you can drag and drop onto document so that it is as if you signed the physical thing. Finally moving towards 100% paperless in my office.

Me & others. This used to be my go to when I first started and found myself never getting documents signed because clients were waiting for me to sign the contract. I've since discovered that 'Just others' is the best option for me. Since then, I haven't worked out when you would use the 'Me & other' option. Let me know if you know.

Just others. This is now my favourite option and use it all the time. I upload my document, then add my client's name and email address then click on "Prepare doc for signature". You can add more than one signer and choose the order in which the signatures are signed too i.e. the most senior person first. Give your document a title and write a brief note and send!

3. Final Step.

No matter which option you choose, you get an email when the document is viewed and when it is signed. You can also use the dashboard to track what's going on with each document.

I am absolutely loving the tool at the moment.


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