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15 Mar, 2020  |
Thuha Wright

Working flexibly in the last two years, I've come across productivity tools and how they can be used differently either to manage projects or collaborate with teams. One of my favourite tools is Trello which I've been fortunate to see it used in lots of different ways. I've taken the best bits and sharing with you my favourite templates. Some of which I've shared with clients I've worked it and love! 

If you've never used Trello before here's a quick summary of it's structure.

You create lists and within lists you have cards that can be moved from one list to another. Within cards you can attach files, create checklists and add comments. If you love organising, the tool is a dream!

Trello board for managing yourself

My favourite way to manage my to-do list is to organise my lists using the model Graham Allcott recommends to organise emails in his book, "How to be a productivity ninja".

I organise my:

  • urgent tasks in the @Action, I try to keep this list as short as possible
  • tasks or responses I'm awaiting others on in the @Waiting list
  • articles to read in the 'To read' list
  • Tasks that do not need to be done immediately in the park list

When I need to chunk my week, I use the lists for each day and create checklists within the list. See screenshot below. You can add some personality to your boards by attaching images like I have done. 

Trello board to manage priorities and collaborate with your team

Trello is great for collaborating with your team. 

Do you ever get frustrated when you can never find that piece of information or a file a team member shared with you.

Here are some of my favourite functions I frequently use:

  • attach files
  • use @name_of_user to send a notification about a task or comment
  • instead of having long email chains, keep comments and information about a particular topic of project in the same card
  • add due dates for deadlines or when a card should be reviewed
  • watch cards so you can monitor how a project is progressing
  • assign owners to cards

Below is a template I've used and shared with clients who have success with managing their teams with. As we all know, in reality, teams often have many tasks to complete in a week. However, keeping priorities for the week clear and to the minimum, actually maximises productivity and helps give teams clear direction.

Not just for work but for hobbies too

Not strictly work but I thought fun to share.I saw someone put her sewing project and fabric wants in a Trello board and made it very visual. This is my sewing projects board which allows me to organise the fabric I've found online, plan my projects and keep track of the fabrics I've purchased and what I plan to use them for.

Do you have any Trello templates that are your favourite? Which of the above are you going to adopt? Comment below to share your thoughts.

Alternatively, if you want a copy of any of these templates or help with creating Trello boards then contact me.


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