Season 1, Episode 2: Caroline Robertson | Side hustling from people to promoting self-care

15 Apr, 2019  |
Thuha Wright

Caroline Robertson shares her story of how being a single parent of two young children meant she needed to find flexible work to pay bills but afford her the time she needed to be a mother to  her children. As her children have grown older, her working week has now evolved to working 4 days a week as a HR Consultant and using her remaining time working on her side business of selling skincare products, Roden + Fields.

Apps mentioned to find freelance work during leaner periods included:

  • AirTasker
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr

Caroline also shared more information on her group: Help Others Help Themselves.

To find out more about Roden + Fields, visit: To purchase Roden + Fields products from Caroline, please visit:

And you can follow Caroline on Instagram using the handle: @carolinerobertson_cr


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