Run Ads Fear Free

How coaches, experts and service-providers use Google Ads to build their email lists to sell their courses and expertise.

WITHOUT having to pay over the odds for paid ads!

  • Are you stuck on where to start?
  • Are you wondering what budget you need to allocate?
  • Do you need to increase your reach beyond Facebook Ads?

You are likely to be starting to grow your business. You’ve had a few sales and know that there is an appetite for what you sell but now you need more sales to make enough money. You need people to know you and your service exist. You may have dabbled in Google Ads and are unsure if your setup is right. You love learning new skills, you just need a friendly face to give you a helping hand and guide you step by step.

Imagine if you are able to drive your potential customers to your website and start making enough money which means you can leave your job and/or stay “working for yourself”.

Being able to generate your own income means so much to you because it will give you financial freedom and that time to spend on your other passions or your family.

If you decide to do nothing, then in 6 - 12 months time, you will likely still be wondering what to do first, whether if you started using Google Ads would have meant you would be as successful as Jane, who you follow on Instagram, because your email list is no more bigger than it is today and the awareness of your expertise only exists in your current circles.

Hi, I'm Thuha!

I’ve been working with Google Ads since 2006. I left the corporate world in 2018 and have been helping small businesses such as coaches, experts and service providers set up their Google Ads since and avoid wasting their small ads budget.

As a patient and experienced Paid Ads practitioner, I can offer a hand to hold your hand and navigate you through the world of Google Ads for even the most technically inept coach meaning you can focus on other areas of your business where you add the most value.

Imagine… it’s a years time in the future and you have achieved financial freedom and driving your potential customers to your website and building your email list from a well-oiled Google Ads account in a way that is simple. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you are driving revenue whilst you are working on the other parts of your business that you enjoy and love.

Introducing the Run Ads Fear Free membership.

A membership with group support and live Sounding board sessions to help you overcome any problems you may have and a chance for you to check whether your current Google Ads account is setup right.

Includes the Google Ads: Plan it, build it course which is step by step guide on setting up your first Google Ads campaign in two hours.

This membership is ideal for coaches, experts and service-providers use Google Ads to build their email lists to sell their courses and expertise

WITHOUT having to pay over the odds for paid ads!

What's inside?

Inside the membership:
  • Every two weeks, you get access to Live Q&A with an expert to help you troubleshoot and make progress via Zoom
  • Access to workshops such as Google Ads: Plan it build it and Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Access to live Q&As and training sessions
Once you join, you will get:
  • Instant access to the private members area
  • Invite to the private Telegram group where you can pose questions for the live Q&A
  • Instant access to existing workshops

Run Ads Fear Free is currently closed.

Join below to be the first to know when the doors reopen!

If you pay monthly, you can cancel anytime and access the membership till the end of the month you last made payment. However, you will not be refunded for any months used. If you pay annually, no refund is given, all sales are final.

Are you ready to?

  • Learn how to set up Google Ads in a simplified and least technical manner possible?
  • Get support in terms of generating keywords, writing ad copy, setting up a budget?
  • Avoid keeping your offerings a secret and build that email list?


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