Briefing in display ads

18 Apr, 2020  |
Thuha Wright

Here is a guide to the information to provide when briefing in display activity to me. Please provide:Objective of campaign:KPIs: leads/ sales etcBudget:Audience targeting:Campaign start and end dates: Assets should follow the networks we will advertise on. These are the Google Display Network specifications. These are common errors to avoid and should be shared with your designer to avoid delays:

  • File type not gif, jpeg or png
  • File sizes are larger than 150KB
  • Animation length is longer than 30 seconds
  • This also applies to animations that loop, they can loop within the 30 seconds timeframe
  • Animated GIF ads are faster than 5 FPS

 There's 24 different sizes of ads to test for performance however, if you lack design resource or time, I would prioritise the following 6 sizes then go for:320 x 50 - mobile banner300 x 250 - Inline rectangle728 x 90 - Leaderboard.970 x 250 - Billboard300 x 600 - Half-page ad160 x 600 - Wide skyscraper If you really really short on time, the next option is that I can build responsive ads. This means that Google Ads will take you assets and adjust the size for you.It is worth testing. To do this you will need to provide:

  • image with sign up CTA in landscape. your landscape image should have a ratio of 1.91:1 and be greater than 600 x 314. The file size limit is 5120 KB.
  • image with sign up CTA in Square. Your square (1:1) image should be greater than 300 x 300. The file size limit is 5120 KB.
  • Logo. Your logo should be square (1:1) and should be 128 x 128 or greater. The recommended size for the square logo is 1200 x 1200. For best rendering, it's also recommended that you add a landscape (4:1) logo, which should be 512 x 128 or greater. The recommended size for the landscape logo is 1200 x 300. For all your logos, a transparent background is best, but only if the logo is centred. The file size limit is 5120 KB.
  • Avoid text. Text may cover no more than 20% of the image. Note: To fit in some ad spaces, your image may be cropped horizontally – up to 5% on each side. 
  • NO GIFS allowed, so jpeg or png

Alternatively, I do provide a HTML5 build service and also html5 templates which means you can change the images and text within the templates to your hearts desire.The cost of this depends on complexity of templates and number of sizes required so do enquire. We currently work to a 5 working day turnaround plus 2 working days after first draft approval.


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